Tom Tilley’s controversial interview with a white nationalist has shed light on the way Australia’s alt-right underbelly attempts to troll the media and misrepresent the views of Jewish Australians.

Earlier this week, Triple J’s Hack program aired a segment featuring Eli Mosley – one of the organisers of the Charlottesville protests that ended with one woman dead and several injured.

After grilling Mosley, Tilley threw to “Herschel”, who described himself as a Jewish man living in Brisbane. The interview started off as one might expect, with Herschel calling the actions of white nationalists “disgusting”.

However, things took a strange turn when Herschel veered from talking about how white nationalists have false grievances to talking about how, as a Jew, he welcomed the “end” of white people.


Read the full article by Broede Carmody at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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