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The Diary of Anne Frank

Maitland Repertory, at its theatre 

Ends October 7

DIRECTORS Guil Noronha and Lesley Coombes inspected the Anne Frank House while in Amsterdam and that is evident in their staging of The Diary of Anne Frank.

The set reproduces the small, three-level warehouse attic area where the Frank family and other Jewish refugees hid for two years from the Nazis in World War II, the tightness of the tiny rooms the eight residents shared impacting on their behaviour and attitudes towards each other.

That is shown in the voices, expressions and movements of the actors, headed by Abbey Matt as the initially-13-year-old Anne. They are very down-to-earth figures, poignant at times but also raising smiles and laughs in some situations.


Read the full article by Ken Longworth at the Newcastle Herald.


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