Going too far?

Is it just me or is this Beersheba thing, complete with middle-aged “re-enactors” on horse back, being over-egged beyond belief? What about the British and New Zealand troops who played an equally crucial part? Who remembers that the Turkish defenders were outnumbered by nearly 10 to one?

M. Moore, Bonython 

Man of the People

Malcolm Turnbull should be speaking out in support of the Palestinian people, not embracing Netanyahu. He is our Prime Minister and he should represent us and not himself.

Chris Swinbank, Kingston

[The above letters were published in the Canberra Times (November 2nd).

Beware rewriting of history

Following on from the letters of M. Moore and Chris Swinbank (Letters, November 2), can l add two things?

It seems that 100 years ago when the Australians, and British and New Zealanders, overran the Turks it started years of absolute unrest in the Middle East, which is still rife today. So much for winning.

Also, in the re-enactment of the Light Horse attack I was absolutely disgusted to see them flying the Israeli flag alongside the Australian flag.

Israel was not even in existence then.

Why are we promoting them?

It’s all politics to stay sweet with the Americans.

Israel does not deserve our support.

Geoff Barker, Flynn

Pope cuts to the chase

It was great to see the Battle of Beersheba cartoon on Wednesday.

We need to acknowledge the way in which Australian troops inadvertently contributed to British control over Palestine until 1948.

The British Mandate over Palestine from 1922 rested on the Balfour Declaration, which was a promise of a home for the Jews built on the basis of the denial of the majority of the inhabitants, Palestinian Arabs.

Australia can and should recognise its own contribution to the fate of the Palestinians and seek to change the current impasse of diplomatic obfuscation.

Where does our Prime Minister and Australians stand on realising a Palestinian state that is more than mere rhetoric?

Michelle Burgis-Kasthala, Canberra

Exposing roots of conflict

David Pope’s brilliant cartoon on the Beersheba commemoration deftly exposes the real nature of the proceedings.

On the one hand, it raises the question of Netanyahu’s blatant exploitation, with Turnbull’s connivance, of a specifically Australian/Turkish/Palestinian military event to cement ties between Israel and Australia.

On the other, it reminds us the root causes of Palestinian dispossession and occupation lie in Britain’s decision to drive the Turks from the Arab Near East, and, by issuing the Balfour Declaration, sanction the Zionist colonisation of Palestine.

Colin Andersen, Lapstone, NSW

[The previous 3 letters appeared in the Canberra Times 2th Nov]

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