Replying to a question in the House of Commons, Mr Balfour, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, said that Britain’s desire to establish a home for Jewish people in Palestine after the war had not been communicated to her allies; but Britain believed that her Allies would approve of such a declaration. Zionist organisations have addressed telegrams of thanks to the British Government for the letter Mr Balfour addressed to Lord Rothschild favouring the establishment of a National Home for Jews in Palestine, while preserving the political status which the Jews enjoy in other countries.


A Palestine official message states: The situation to the north of Jaffa has not changed. Our Territorial infantry carried Kuryet el Enab, six miles west of Jerusalem, on Monday, at the point of the bayonet. Scottish troops have occupied Beit Likia, five miles north-west of Jerusalem. Our mounted troops were in contact with the enemy on Tuesday, four miles west of Bireh, on the Jerusalem-Shechem road.

Read the Newcastle Morning Herald transcriptions and Hunter Valley enlistment and death details for November, 19-25, 1917.

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