Ian Curr exposes the injustice of a 16-year-old Palestinian activist on trial for slapping an Israeli solider while defending her family’s property.

AHED TAMIMI, 16, is a Palestinian activist from the village of Nabi Salih.

Ahed is on trial in an Israeli military court.

The 12 charges against her include aggravated assault of a heavily armed soldier, threatening a soldier, preventing soldiers from carrying out their duties, incitement, disturbing the public peace and stone throwing. Ahed was defending Palestine and its people from occupation.

A soldier trespassing into a courtyard (owned by the Tamimi family) on occupied land in breach of international law is not acting in the “execution of his duty”. The video of the incident shows Ahed asking two Israeli soldiers to leave her courtyard, a soldier refuses, so she slaps him. Her mother, Nariman, comes out to give support and to make sure Ahed doesn’t get hurt. In concert with her cousin, Nur Tamimi, and her mother, they push the two Israeli soldiers out of their yard.

Read the article by Ian Curr in Independent Australia.

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