Meanwhile, the ABC goes to work with your 4c. You may think Israel launched weekend strikes into Syria after an Iranian drone penetrated Israeli territory. But listen to this expert given a soft interview on yesterday’s RN Breakfast:

The view is that what the Israelis actually did has less to do with any drone than it has to do with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu and his wife’s legal problems in Israel — Netanyahu is being investigated for bribery — and the view here is that there was no reason for the Israelis to carry out this provocation and the only reason why it was done was because he wanted to distract attention.

More from that expert, Mohammad Marandi, professor of North American studies at Tehran University:

Every time the Syrian government wants to push back these extremists (al-Qa’ida and Islamic State on Syria’s borders) the Israelis try to prevent them from doing so.

These comments come from the Cut and Paste opinion section of The Australian (subscription required).

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