Australian casino billionaire James Packer will not face charges over his role in the scandal engulfing Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mr Packer was named by Israeli police on Tuesday night as one of the key figures in its months-long investigation that has led to recommendations of extraordinary corruption charges against Mr Netanyahu.

The police recommended the prime minister face charges of “fraud and breach of trust” over his relationship with Mr Packer, but the recommendation does not automatically mean he will face prosecution.

Police did not recommend charges against Mr Packer, who was interviewed as a witness in the police investigation into expensive gifts Mr Netanyahu allegedly received from several wealthy businessmen.

The interview was conducted in Melbourne last November by the Australian Federal Police. The AFP confirmed Mr Packer had participated in the interview on a “voluntary basis” as a witness for the Israeli police’s investigation.

At the time of the interview, Mr Packer’s Crown Resorts said he was not facing any suggestion of wrongdoing.


Read the full article written by Nick Toscano at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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