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  • Ehud Barak warns Israel on ‘slippery slope’
    Ehud Barak warns: Israel faces ‘slippery slope’ toward apartheid – Allison Kaplan Sommer – Haaretz 21.06.17 If Israel keeps controlling Palestinians, ‘inevitable’ result will be ‘either non-Jewish or non-democratic’ state, former Israeli PM tells Conflict Zone’s Tim Sebastian in Deutsche Welle TV interview. Includes video [2:11] and link to full DW interview [26:01]. ‘Israeli Spring’: Ehud Barak says time is ripe for broad front to topple Netanyahu government – Gili Cohen – Haaretz 23.06.17 Barak, warning against Netanyahu government’s... Read more »
  • David Shulman – Israel’s irrational rationality
    Israel’s irrational rationality – David Shulman – The New York Review of Books 22.06.17 issue A world-famous scholar, Prof. Em. at the Hebrew University, Israel Prize winner and Ta’ayush activist reviews five books on the Six-Day War and what has happened since, adding insights from his own 50 years in Israel. Related: An improbable journey With links to other writing, and a video, by David Shulman. The post David Shulman – Israel’s irrational rationality appeared first on +61J.... Read more »
  • Refugee Week, World Refugee Day 2017
    Last week, 18-24 June, was Refugee Week in Australia. While there are minor differences in the dates for Refugee Week in other countries, all include World Refugee Day (20 June). Inside the lives of Middle Eastern refugees – Roberta Schuhalter Karp – The Forward 21.06.17 Demagoguery has transformed refugees, especially Muslim refugees, into threats to ‘our’ security. It’s one thing to know that people are being demonised; it’s quite another, I’ve learned, to meet the people being... Read more »
  • Must watch – What would you do?
    Assaf Harel asks Israelis what they would do if they were Palestinians – Haaretz/YouTube 22.06.17 [3:29] Stop a moment before criticising Palestinians, and think what you would do if faced with the realities that Palestinians regularly face in their lives. Related: A scathing wake up call to Israelis – by an Israeli Occupation Therapy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 The post Must watch – What would you do? appeared first on +61J.... Read more »
  • Sometimes media errors are just … errors
    In Jewish media mania, Netanyahu is Washington and Trump Jr his Lafayette – Chemi Shalev – Haaretz 19.06.17 After two millennia of persecution it’s easier to equate erroneous BBC headlines with medieval blood libels. And see: BBC regrets headline that victimized Jerusalem attackers – The Times of Israel 18.06.17 News service admits it was inappropriate to ignore Israeli victim and focus on slain Palestinians who instigated the violence. Related: A state of insecurity More brainwashing by Education Minister Bennett? ‘All the Arabs... Read more »
  • South Africa and Australia: two shades of racial hatred
    South Africa and Australia each brutally repressed their black population, one out of fear and the other out of disdain. Hatreds differ, widely. In the social context, aversions are often normal, banal: I strongly dislike twelve-tone music, runny fried eggs, heights. Hate manifests in the visceral, deeply emotional and even intellectual sense of intense hostility, of antipathy, a loathing and a despising: I hate snakes, spiders, Blacks, Chinese, Muslims, Jews. I abhor them because of the... Read more »
  • Saudi Game of Thrones threatens regional stability
    Saudi Arabia’s new crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is good news for Israel and US – Zvi Bar’el – Haaretz 21.06.17 Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman agrees with US on Russia, Assad, Iran and Daesh and according to some reports, he’s also met with top Israeli officials. The long-term cost of Saudi succession shake-up – Bruce Riedel – Al-Monitor 21.06.17 Instability and Salman’s nepotistic power play – Paul R. Pillar – LobeLog 22.06.17 Salman’s power play on behalf of... Read more »
  • Renewed efforts to topple Western Wall compromise, private conversions
    Israeli cabinet approved compromise plan in January 2016 and must respond now to High Court of Justice petitions against failure to implement it. Rabbinate and Haredi MKs ramp up bid to topple Western Wall mixed-gender plan – Marissa Newman – The Times of Israel 19.06.17 Ahead of government response to High Court on foot-dragging in building new plaza, Rabbinate seeks own lawyers, ultra-Orthodox parties demand ‘total cancellation’ of deal. Liberman slams Haredi-backed conversion bill, vows to veto it... Read more »