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  • Huge batch of approvals for West Bank settlements
    THE CIVIL ADMINISTRATION’S top planning council is expected this week to approve the construction of hundreds of settler homes across the West Bank. The council is slated to give final approval for the construction of over 300 housing units in settlements including Susya, Petzael, Ariel, Alfei Menashe and Oranit. FULL STORY Israel set to approve hundreds of new settlement homes in West Bank (Haaretz) Photo: Palestinian construction workers at the site of a new structure in Ma’aleh Adumim on June... Read more »
  • Hamas warns of more bloodshed after murder of Israeli near Nablus
    The shooting of a rabbi looks more like the work of a trained cell rather than a lone wolf, as Shin Bet figures show terror attacks have tripled since Trump’s Jerusalem announcement No lone-wolf attack: the guiding hand behind a rabbi’s murder (Haaretz) AMOS HAREL The fatal shooting of Rabbi Raziel Shevach seems to have been the act of a skilled terror cell, not a random crime of opportunity Hailing West Bank shooting, Hamas warns of more attacks... Read more »
  • Victory for Haredim after law passed against Shabbat mini-marts
    The controversial legislation, proposed to appease Shas, exposes another blurring of between religion sand state Controversial law to shutter minimarkets on Shabbat squeaks through Knesset (Times of Israel) Legislation pushed by Shas leader giving him control over what stores remain open on Jewish day of rest approved after opposition filibuster Goodbye Israeli mini-markets on Shabbat, hello religious strife (Haaretz) The country’s new ‘supermarkets law’ reminds us that the relationship between religion and state is a key factor that can... Read more »
  • Smugglers, racketeers, prostitutes? No, my family, fresh from Shanghai
    AS THE WAR in the Pacific came to its calamitous conclusion in the summer of 1945, my family members still lived in Shanghai, a city descending into chaos and overcrowded with refugees from the conflict, mainly Chinese. In their small apartment in a shared terrace house in what had up till recently been the Japanese controlled Designated Area for Stateless Refugees, off Dalian Lu, they began to plan their next steps. With the arrival of the American... Read more »
  • Going up? Three tales of high-rise anxiety
    ESHKOL NEVO’S NEW NOVEL takes place in an apartment building just outside of Tel Aviv, where the characters who live on the first three floors know little of the dramas just on the other side of their walls. These are not the neighbours in Grace Paley’s urban stories who share their lives on the front stoop. These folks sometimes cross paths, and they occasionally muse about the others’ lives, but they barely make it into each other’s... Read more »
  • The Fiddler is on a roof in Tokyo – and really enjoying it
    WHY HAS THE MUSICAL been beloved in Japan for 50 years? A week and a half ago, I attended the best production of Fiddler on the Roof I’ve seen in years. I didn’t understand a single word. The production in Tokyo marked the 50th anniversary of the show’s premiere in Japan—where it has since become the theatrical company’s most popular American musical. The late Joseph Stein, who wrote the show’s book, wrote an article the Guardian a... Read more »
  • Shock, horror! US comedian wins over Twitter troll with compassion
    SARAH SILVERMAN MAY BE KNOWN for her biting comedy, but her recent exchange with a Twitter troll is being held up as a model of compassion. A few days ago, Silverman sent out a tweet, and a total stranger replied cruelly with nothing but the “c” word. But instead of lashing back or blocking the user, Silverman opted for a compassionate response. “I believe in you. I read ur timeline & I see what ur doing &... Read more »
  • Report: MP Danby charged public nearly $15,000 for Qld trips with wife
    FEDERAL LABOR MP Michael Danby charged taxpayers almost $15,000 for flights and other expenses linked to six trips to sunny Queensland with his wife over several years, Fairfax Media can reveal. On three of those trips – with expenditure totalling nearly $7500 – Mr Danby conducted no parliamentary business at all but still used public money for flights, Commonwealth limousines and taxis. The Labor MP, who holds the marginal inner-city seat of Melbourne Ports, said he reimbursed... Read more »