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  • Israel cancels ban on giving racist answers in civics exam
    High-school exam will ask students to give their opinion on a controversial public issue and defend it, a question that will be mandatory this year, for the first time Education ministry official says implementation of change needs to be gradual (Haaretz) The original rule stated that “racist or inflammatory statements” would result in the response receiving no credit. But a few days ago, the head of the ministry’s pedagogical secretariat rescinded this rule, saying “we need to... Read more »
  • Neo-Nazi leader quits movement and reveals he is gay with Jewish heritage
    A PROMINENT BRITISH Neo-Nazi and former organiser of the National Front has given up his far-right views as well as revealing he is gay and has Jewish heritage. Kevin Wilshaw was a high-profile figure of the National Front in the 1980s and was speaking at extreme right events as recently as this year. Speaking to UK Channel 4 News, he explained he had given up his violent past – which included smashing a chair over someone’s head,... Read more »
  • Government backs down on database of US Jewish students
    Hillel International, the largest Jewish student organisation in the world, threatened to end its partnership with the Israeli government if it didn’t drop its plan to create the database Hillel International threatened to cut ties with Israeli government over database of US Jewish students (Haaretz) This ultimatum forced the Diaspora Affairs Ministry to suspend the project on Sunday night, just hours after the database was first revealed by Haaretz. For the past year, Hillel International has been a... Read more »
  • US launches major water project in West Bank
    THE US GOVERNMENT has launched a US$10 million project to improve access to wastewater treatment and water for Palestinian farmers in the Jericho area of the West Bank. A top aide to US President Donald Trump, Jason Greenblatt, was among officials launching the project in the historic city near the Dead Sea. The project aims to increase the number of homes connected to the Jericho area’s wastewater treatment plant, previously built with Japanese assistance, by about 10,000... Read more »
  • Colin Tatz honoured for contribution to genocide and race studies
    “COLIN HAS SIMPLIFIED the crucial fact that state-sponsored genocide is a matter of fact for Australia. The question is: how are we going to deal with that fact?” This was one of the many signal contributions Professor Colin Tatz has made to the study of genocide, according to historian Doug Booth, a contributor to the book, Genocide Perspectives V, that has been published in honour of Tatz’s long and distinguished career. At the book’s launch last night at the... Read more »
  • Campaign by embattled PM strikes at heart of Israeli democracy
    Netanyahu wants to outlaw Breaking the Silence, although the Knesset’s legal adviser is providing resistance. The PM is also pursuing a law to give him immunity from corruption The right-wing assault on Israeli democracy (Haaretz) CHEMI SHALEV A plan to outlaw Breaking the Silence is part of a campaign that aims to erase the liberal democracy that Israel once aspired to be Knesset legal adviser strikes down cabinet plan to probe rights groups’ funding (Times of Israel) Eyal Yinon... Read more »
  • Eight Euro countries demand compensation from Israel for Bedouin demolitions
    In an unprecedented move, the countries are applying pressure after continued inaction by the government, as a new raft of Israeli settlements are announced European countries to demand compensation from Israel for West Bank demolitions (Haaretz) BARAK RAVID Countries seek $35,000 in compensation for confiscating and demolishing solar panels and mobile classrooms that had been installed in Bedouin communities RELATED Israel seizes solar panels powering Bedouin school in West Bank AND SEE: Israel finishes advancing 2,600 West Bank homes as... Read more »
  • Iran strikes another blow against Kurdish hopes for independence
    On Sunday, Iran’s top spy went to the Iraqi city of Sulaimaniya to meet with the leaders of the PUK, one of the two main Kurdish parties. Within hours, their fighters began abandoning their posts Kurdish dreams of independence delayed again (New Yorker) Not long after, Iraqi forces took over the former Kurdish positions and a stretch of oil fields near the city of Kirkuk. With the Iraqi Kurds now split in two—the PUK on one side... Read more »