The CEO of Facebook Israel issued a stark warning to entrepreneurs in ‘Startup Nation’

The CEO of Facebook in Israel issued a stark warning to entrepreneurs in so-called “Startup Nation” last week as the country’s tech scene continues to gain attention around the world.

Speaking at the DLD Innovation conference, Adi Soffer Teeni said Israel’s position as the number one spot for innovation outside Silicon Valley isn’t as secure as some people might think it is.

“I do think we are second to the Valley but the gap is big and we need to acknowledge that,” Teeni told an audience of approximately 300 founders, developers, and investors. “We need to be humble, and we need to understand that in order for us to continue to deliver the innovation that we bring, we need not to be sassy. Not to think everything that happens here will continue to be magic. “

She added: “This is serious stuff. This [tech] is literally the future of Israel in my opinion. What we need to understand is a big part of what we have today is down to the fact that we didn’t have any other choice.

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