An old hatred

This week, it’s the 79th anniversary of Kristallnacht – the night of broken glass.

In 1939, Hitler’s thugs – theSturmabteilung  rounded up 30,000 Jews, looted 7,000 businesses, and set 250 synagogues on fire. 

And there are contemporary expressions of anti Jewish feeling today.

Join our guests Suzanne Rutland and Christian Kunde to tackle the stereotypes and wild accusations levelled at Jewish people, and examine how antisemitism frustrates interreligious dialogue and sparks geopolitical tension.

Listen to this episode of the God Forbid ABC RN radio program with Suzanne Rutland, Professor Emeritus , Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies , University of Sydney and Christian Kunde, doctor in the NSW public health system and coach of the Auburn Penrith Giants, a Western Sydney AFL team.