Trump smiling on stage

President Donald Trump’s First Year – Kameel Majdali

“People seem to find Scriptures related to America. I frankly have not been able to do such. I’ve looked from Genesis to Revelation and there’s nothing there.”

Quotes from Dr Kameel Majdali with an insightful analysis of Donald Trump’s first year as president.

President Trump, Israel and Jerusalem

“I had no choice but to bring up Donald Trump as well, simply because that’s what people wanted to know,” explained Kameel.

This was during the campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“Last year I had the topic ‘Jerusalem and the Middle East in the Age of President Trump.’ And the fact is he is putting a very strong highlight back on Middle Eastern affairs and especially dealing with Israel and the topic of Jerusalem.”

“This of course is prophetic because of what is taught in Zechariah 12 and 14. The fact is even without Trump there would be an accent mark on the Middle East, but with him it’s come to a fever-pitch especially since he has declared America’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

Kameel emphasised the Jerusalem factor as being highly symbolic and while it ignited  unrest in the Middle East, it hardly caused a ripple elsewhere.

The president visits the Western Wall

“He’s putting an accent mark back on this part of the world which I believe Bible prophecy puts the accent on too.”

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