There is still prejudice towards Jewish people, even in Australia

The CEO of Christian Witness to Israel has challenged churches to rediscover the same passion for Jewish people as Jesus had and bring the gospel back to Jewish people “with conviction and power.”

On a visit to Australia to recruit more missionaries to the Jews, Jewish Christian Joseph Steinberg accused churches of showing the same prejudice towards Jewish people that the early church had towards Gentiles.

He noted that the church was Jewish when it was born, and it took a dream from God to Peter to get the mission to the Gentiles kick-started.

“In Peter’s dream, a big wide sheet came down from heaven full of Cumberland sausages and honey-glazed ham. God had to overcome Jewish prejudice when it came to the gospel going to the Gentiles and he used unclean food to make his point,” he told a gathering at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney.

“I pray God gives church leaders today a dream of a wide sheet coming down from heaven stacked full of bagels, lox and cream cheese.” – Joseph Steinberg

Today, that prejudice has been reversed, he said, and the church needs to recognise it has a problem with bringing the gospel back to the Jewish people.

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