Palestinian rhetoric

I think it’s time the readers of the anti-Israel letters, which are published almost every week, consider the true meaning of the words ‘genocide’ and ‘apartheid’.

It is easy for those writers to throw such provocative words at Israel, conjuring up horrendous images of mass murder. However, given the context in which they use these pejoratives, it follows that the Hamas government of Gaza is also carrying out ‘genocide’ against Israelis with their ongoing rocket fire into civilian areas.

Palestinians live, work, study, get medical treatment and are members of parliament in Israel. This is not apartheid.

Israel controls its borders to prevent suicide bombers and those who are a threat from getting in. All countries do the same. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an extremely complicated issue. I just don’t see how using such derogatory words to stir up hatred against Israel can lead to a humane or peaceful resolution.

R Goodchild, Brunswick Heads in EchoNet Daily.