Bob Carr, an Anti-Semite’s Useful Idiot

Former Foreign Minister Bob Carr defends a notorious anti-Semite, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who wants our embassy in Israel not moved to Jerusalem:

In fact, Frydenberg pointed out the Mahathir’s opposition to moving our embassy should be seen in the context of Mahathir thinking “hook-nose” Jews rule the world and exaggerated the Holocaust.

Mahathir also banned the screening of Schindler’s List, accused Israel of causing Islamic terrorism and trying to “wipe out” Muslims, and called on Muslims everywhere to “counter-attack” the “few million Jews” who’d defeated them.

And Bob Carr says Frydenberg should not mention any of this?

Seriously? This rank anti-Semitism should not be challenged or even discussed?

What game is Carr playing?:

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