Holy See urges Israel, Palestine to alleviate suffering of people

The Holy See’s Permanent Observer Mission at the United Nations in New York on April 29 addressed an open debate at the Security Council on the Middle East situation and the Palestinian question.

The Holy See is urging Israelis and Palestinians to alleviate the suffering of the people and pursue a future of peace and stability in the region.

“Too many innocent civilians, on both sides, have paid the price of the indiscriminate use of violence and force,” lamented Monsignor Tomasz Grysa, the First Counsellor of the Holy See’s Permanent Observer Mission at the United Nations in New York on Monday.


Speaking on behalf of the Holy See’s Permanent Observer, Archbishop Bernadito Auza, Msgr. Grysa noted that in Gaza, a disastrous humanitarian situation is feeding the despair among the Palestinian population, which at times is manipulated by extremist groups who resort to violence, while fear for Israeli security increases.

Underscoring the need for unity as essential for a politically stable and economically viable Palestine, the Holy See official commended the tireless efforts of neighbouring countries in forging talks with the various Palestinian factions and facilitating dialogue among them. These efforts, Msgr. Grysa pointed out are important towards respecting the inalienable rights, achieving the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people and in attaining lasting peace and security for Israel.

(And then comes the two-state solution pitch …..)

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