‘Superb’ multicultural children’s festival leads youth into future: pictures

Koshigaya Park was awash with colour and culture on Sunday.

The Campbelltown park played host to the second annual Macarthur Multicultural Children’s Festival, and welcomed thousands of youngsters and families to the city.

Special guest speaker Ernie Friedlander, of the Moving Forward Together organisation, told the crowd some of his history surviving the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was a time of division and Mr Friedlander said the “superb” local festival was paving the way for unity.

“It had a great sense of vitality and an atmosphere of fun,” he said.

Mr Friedlander led about 300 people on a Harmony Walk, which was designed to foster unity and create friendships.

“It has the power to bring harmony and peace to the people,” he said.

“They can get to know each other better.

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