Moree Secondary College student Tayla Simpson inspired by BAMM Courage To Care exhibition

Moree Secondary College year nine student Tayla Simpson was one of hundreds of students from across the North West region who have taken part in the Courage to Care exhibition currently on show at Bank Art Museum Moree. Tayla is currently doing work experience at The Moree Champion and wrote a first-hand account of how she found the educational exhibition.

Last week I went into the Courage To Care exhibition not knowing what to expect, however by the end I was so inspired by what I had learnt that day.

Whilst at the exhibition we first watched a short video, which explained the persecution of the Jews during World War II and what the Nazis stood for and their intentions. Additionally, it also gave an insight into significant events that happened and also some information about the concentration camps.

It was extremely eye-opening to learn about such a time where you had no right to live on this earth unless you met the standards of someone who did not even meet his own standards.

Listening to this video really captivated me and made me so thankful for the world we live in today, but it also helped me to understand the past and the cruel behaviours of others.

After this, we went and listened to the story of Eva which she told us in person. I was really enthralled to meet someone who survived the Holocaust and listen to her story of how she got out of Austria and survived.

Read the article by Tayla Simpson in the Moree Champion.