Israeli MK Tamar Zandberg takes us to fantasy land

On the ABC Q&A program we heard visiting Israeli MK give us her take on the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. If you like you can watch the whole program that was devoted to the subject of ‘International Power’ on the iView website.

Watch this couple of minutes of video from the show (below) where Zandberg shows her ignorance and neglect of the importance of history. It’s worth remembering British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s remark that, “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it”.  Mme Zandberg puts her foot straight into the mire.

Firstly she contends that Israel’s nationhood was accepted and recognised by “almost all the countries of the world except Iran”. She needs to be reminded that the UN vote to establish the state of Israel was by 33 votes to 13 against with 10 abstentions. Iran was just one of 13 countries opposed.

Toward the end she tries to brush aside the significance of understanding history saying “going back to the Ottoman and British mandate and history it helps us understand reality but we need to better understand the future and look forward how we solve this conflict …”

These are remarks of someone who is completely deluded, brushing aside what so many fail to understand – the true roots of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

It is easy to see how Zandberg has appeal for the virtue signallers of the New Israel Fund camp, who are more concerned about social justice issues that have no foundation in hard reality; they don’t recognise the intransigence of the pro-Palestinian position and Israel’s unique security requirements.