We cannot trust the media’s reporting on international affairs

The mainstream media’s pro-U.S. and Western bias distorts the truth, writes Dr Evan Jones.

OUR HALLOWED ABC had a segment on its hallowed 7.30 program on 15 January titled “Finland working hard against the threat of Russian hackers“.

The ABC’s talking head proclaimed:

The Mueller Report laid bare the extent of Russian hacking and meddling to influence the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.’

What? The Mueller Report did no such thing. This statement is such a grievous misrepresentation that it rules out simple ignorance. Russiagate, which Australia’s mainstream media (MSM) thrived on, was one huge con.

The 7.30 program continued:

“This week, it’s been revealed that Russian hackers have also penetrated the Ukranian [sic] gas company at the centre of the scandal that’s led to Donald Trump’s impeachment.”

Well, not quite. This idea apparently came from a questionable source and it has been faithfully reproduced by the MSM on cue.

Later on, the same vignette claims“Russia has also sought to sow mistrust and uncertainty among its European neighbours.”

Grievously wrong again. Russia’s actions have all been defensive, not least against the U.S.-directed coup in Ukraine in February 2014 (snipers providing the killer blow) with its subsequent Russophobe oppression. The U.S.-led NATO push to Russia’s borders has naturally not been welcomed. Why would formally non-aligned Finland join in yet another provocative NATO exercise? Reporter Linton Besser didn’t bother to inquire — too busy sniffing out the latter-day version of Reds under every bed.

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