Roger Waters blames Israel Defense Force for the death of George Floyd

Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters has found himself in hot water for recent comments in which he described Jewish-American billionaire Sheldon Adelson as a “puppet master,” called Zionism an “ugly stain” and blamed the Israeli military tactics for the death of George Floyd.

In a new interview with Middle East Media Research Institute, Waters condemned Sheldon Adelson — the American business magnate and GOP political donor whose net worth is near $40 billion— as “the puppet master pulling the strings of Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and what’s his name… the Ambassador [to Israel]…,” Waters shared, before incorrectly identifying Ambassador David Friedman as “Greenberg.”

“Sheldon Adelson is a right-wing fascist racist bigot who doesn’t understand the first thing about the idea that human beings might have rights,” Waters continued. “Sheldon Adelson believes that only Jews – only Jewish people – are completely human. That they are attached in some way…”

“[He believes that] everybody else on Earth is there to serve them. Sheldon Adelson believes this. I’m not saying Jewish people believe this. I am saying that he does, and he is pulling the strings. So he has this strange – he thinks – Biblical construct in his head, that somehow everything will be all right in the world if there is a Greater Israel, which takes up the whole historic Palestine and the Kingdom of Jordan — puts it all together and calls it Israel and gives it only to the Chosen People…

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