Tasmanian urged to report Nazi imagery as more graffiti and symbols spotted around Launceston

A Jewish community leader has urged Tasmanians to report Nazi imagery to authorities after more instances of graffiti and symbols were spotted in the Launceston area.

A ute was seen on a highway north of the city displaying a Nazi swastika, while graffiti promoting far-right group the National Socialist Network was reported near an overpass in Breadalbane, near the Launceston Airport.

President of the Hobart Hebrew Congregation, Jeff Schneider, said the symbolism was “very disturbing” to see.

“I trust that it is not reflective of Tasmania’s warm spirit of community and tolerance,” he said.

“Any symbols of Nazism is tied to the attempted genocide of the Jewish people and the persecution of several other minorities, including homosexuals and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“We call on citizens to report displays like this as it is important that community representatives and our Members of Parliament know this occurring.

“Attitudes like this reflect the need for education to promote themes of tolerance and understanding.”

Members of the National Socialist Network burned crosses and chanted Nazi slogans in regional Victoria earlier this year and have been using stickers and graffiti in areas around Australia in an attempt to attract more members.

The group is closely related to the overtly racist white nationalist Lads Society which formed after the collapse of the United Patriots Front, a group that tried to incite race riots and failed to get enough members for a political party.

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