Melissa Parke successfully settles defamation case against pro-Israeli commentator

Melissa Parke has successfully settled defamation legal proceedings with pro-Israeli commentator Colin Rubenstein over his claims that Parke had been anti-Semitic in her remarks on Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

The Israeli support lobby in Australia is led by people lik Mr. Colin Rubenstein from Melbourne. For years, Rubenstein has tries to occupy the minds of Australians by placing his op-eds in Israel supporting media and thereby attacks, labels and as in the following case, derides anyone speaking in support of the human rights of Palestinians.

In those respects, the victory of Melissa Parke in her libel action against Rubenstein for labelling her a ‘compulsive slanderer, conspiracy theorist, a liar, a fanatic and an anti- Semite’ is highly significant. It masks a watershed in confronting the attempts of Rubenstein and others to stifle the publication of truths about the lives of Palestinians and the massive and cruel human rights abuses of governments of Israel.


My legal proceedings against Dr. Colin Rubenstein have been settled and the case has been discontinued in the Federal Court.

Except for the statement of Dr. Rubenstein published on the AIJAC website the terms of the settlement are confidential.

Read the article by John Menadue on his blog Pearls and Irritations.

[Editor: I have taken the liberty to correct the spelling of Dr.Rubenstein’s name which was repeatedly misspelt in this blog post.]