Jews pretending to support Israel

Israel is at war. I have many friends and relatives in Israel of all ages and they rush to assure me that they are okay, and things are good, but I can see that they are not. This is why I am particularly enraged by Jews who feel their moral obligation is to make sure everyone in the world is doing well, and to criticize any form of common sense and logic in very real situations, such as what is currently obvious in Israel.  

Debating what could have, should have and would have been the best way to help the Palestinians over the decades is not the current issue. My personal view is that Palestinian leadership was given way too much money by the global community that they put in their own pockets and did nothing for the Palestinian people they were supposed to represent. They actually made an art form out of it, creating agencies and new rules for refugees that would make sure the actual number of Palestinian refugees grew each year and they all continued to receive huge amounts of money. I challenge anyone to find any population that refugees have remained in this status for this long, with numbers only increasing. Never happened and by definition we should be looking at why this was allowed to happen, but I digress, just saying not everything is Israel’s fault.  

Read the article by Lily Steiner in The Spectator.

[Editor: If you have the stomach for it you can Mark Baker’s utterances here.]