How to really help the Palestinians

Facts no longer matter. If more Palestinians are being killed than Israelis then you need to help the Palestinians – so goes the logic of the ignorant, because they do not care about truth, reality, or facts. But even knowing what is really going on, I’d like to help the Palestinians too, if only to take the heat off Israel, so I believe this may be the solution for everyone to really change things on the ground and in the minds and hearts of all those well-meaning people around the world, including the pseudo-journalists that now inhabit what used to be newsrooms.  

Let’s start with the signs you see at pro-Palestinian rallies. At the moment they are all hate and anger and lies and don’t do a thing to help Palestinians anywhere, so let’s start with a few changes. When you start seeing signs like this at Pro Palestinian rallies, you will know those people are serious about helping Palestinians, not just pulling the wool over your eyes, and lying. It will be more about helping the Palestinians and not just about destroying Israel.  

How many Palestinian lives would a sign like that save? It would also save lots of other lives, but let’s stay focused on the Palestinians. It may also save them mental fear and anguish for the rest of their lives knowing they do not need to kill anyone, especially not themselves. How about we instil some love and self-confidence instead of hate and anger?  That sign would really work for everyone. 

Read the article by Lily Steiner in The Spectator.