End of Netanyahu era could be on the cards

Opposition chief Yair Lapid, who has until Wednesday to put together a coalition after the fourth inconclusive election in two years, was closing in on an alliance of right-wing, centrist and leftist parties, Israeli media reported.

The new coalition’s parties would have little in common apart from a plan to end the 12-year-run of Netanyahu, a right-wing leader on trial over corruption charges he denies.

Lapid’s chances of success rest with far-right politician Naftali Bennett, whose Yamina party’s six seats in the 120-member parliament are enough to give him the status of kingmaker.

Bennett convened Yamina’s legislators on Sunday to discuss his next steps. Most Israeli media predicted Bennett would agree to a deal under which he would replace Netanyahu as prime minister and later give way to Lapid in a rotation agreement.

Read the article by Jeffrey Heller in the Illawarra Mercury.