Confessed white supremacist denied bail

Thomas Sewell, 28, is the leader of a right-wing organisation called the European Australian Movement and is heavily involved in the right-wing National Socialist Movement.

Sewell is behind bars, facing serious charges including armed robbery and assault against a group of hikers in a Victorian state park, and an attack on a Channel Nine security guard.

He applied for bail in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday but was refused.

Victoria Police counter terrorism detective Michael Taylor told the court that Sewell had “remarkable grandiosity of himself and the white race” and is unwavering in his belief that white people are being eradicated.

He allegedly told a right wing podcast that “I am a political soldier for the white race and Adolf Hitler is my leader”, he said.

“I’m a white supremacist … we’re 100 per cent better in every way, shape and form,” Sewell allegedly said.

Sewell will remain in custody on serious charges including armed robbery and robbery over a violent incident involving knives in Victoria’s Cathedral Ranges state park, northeast of Melbourne, on May 21 this year.

Read the article by Karen Sweeney in The Macleay Argus.