Black Australia to Palestine: solidarity in decolonial struggle

Tensions are high in Palestine as Palestinians coordinate to resist Israeli land theft and planned ethnic cleansing. If you have seen the viral conversation between settler Yakoub and native Mona El Kurd, you would have heard the 23 year old Palestinian woman asking the Israeli settler from New York why he has moved into her home in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah “why are you stealing my home?”, to which he responds in his American accent “if I don’t steal it someone else is gonna steal it”, freeing himself from any moral demands. A viral moment that has spotlighted the present-day Palestinian experience of having to maintain restraint while dealing with unfair colonial mindsets.

The fight for Djab Wurrung has felt similarly agonising in taking on Victorian state plans that override Indigenous consent, as Sissy Austin explains “the fight continues this week with the three day Supreme Court trial. Over the last three years, there have been mediations, court hearings and requests for compromise. These compromises consist of the Victorian State Government attempting to force Djab Wurrung Peoples to allow for the destruction of country. Compromises cannot be made. The elements of country cannot be placed in hierarchical order, they never have and never will never be”.

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