Brisbane synagogue

More than half of state’s Jewish community targeted by anti-Semitism

An alarming survey indicates anti-Semitism is on the rise in Queensland, placing renewed urgency on the government’s review of the Anti-Discrimination Act. 

Six in 10 members of Queensland’s Jewish community say they have experienced anti-Semitism to some degree.

Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies Vice President Jason Steinberg told Neil Breen anti-Semitism occurs every day in Queensland.

“That might be bullying at a school yard, that might be bullying in a workplace, or harassment, or just seeing a swastika in a park.

“What I’ve experienced is just those jokes, Neil, that people think [are] funny.

“What we’re seeing in Queensland and in Brisbane is a growth of anti-Semitism, but also hatred against other religions and races.”

Mr Steinberg said the state’s 30-year-old legislation needs to be updated in response to the rise.

“That’s why the government’s looking into the laws and that was part of our research – that they’re looking at shoring up the vilification legislation and hate crimes to make it harder for people to do this.

Listen to the interview by Neil Breen on 4BC Radio.