Palestine Israel

With regard to Mr Wakil’s letter, you edified Mosab Hassan Yousef.

To put the record straight, yes, Mosab was the son of a high-ranking founder of Hamas.
However, Mosab is no peace maker. Arrested by the Israelis, Mosab became a collaborator for the Shin Bet, an arm of Israeli intelligence, and betrayed his family and friends. He was given a lot, not only cash, for his efforts, but clothes, and they paid for his education.
In his own words, Mosab spoke of his father as an example of humility, love and devotion. On one occasion, when arrested by the Israelis, Mosab’s  father was handcuffed and hung from the ceiling. He was subjected to electric shocks until he passed out, and was almost beaten to death. But Mosab’s father was strong, never giving the Israelis any information that would hurt his Palestinian brothers.

Mosab, who later became a fundamentalist Christian, was welcomed into the USA and became a part of the Christian Zionist movement, making lots of money from the pulpit.
Danny, you know very well what is really happening in Palestine. I appreciate and respect your loyalty, as it appears you are of a Jewish background. I too would stay loyal and support family and close friends, but not to publicly exonerate the criminal actions of the Israeli state. I would do what I could to point out Israel’s cruelties, breaches of human rights and trashing of international law.

Léonie De Dreux-Crawford, Mullumbimby in The Echo.