Attorney-General Elise Archer

Tasmania Government to watch Victorian progress on Nazi swastika ban

The Victorian Government last week announced it would make Nazi symbols illegal and strengthen anti-vilification protections.

The sale of Nazi memorabilia at auction houses in Northern Tasmania, some of which fetched several hundreds of dollars, in recent years has drawn condemnation from sections of the community and the national Anti-Defamation Commission.

Attorney-General Elise Archer two years ago ruled out taking any action to ban the sale of these items, but committed to observing similar actions taken in other jurisdictions.

At a budget estimates hearing on Wednesday, Ms Archer said the government would observe the rollout of the Victorian legislation and its impact.

She said Nazi memorabilia should be only used as an educative function and display of the swastika for other purposes was deeply concerning. “But at the same time, we need to look at the balance of an educative value so these atrocities never happen again,” Ms Archer.

“It may well be that we can achieve that through our Holocaust education centre.

“We are already engaging with our Jewish community with respect to that project and so are aware of the highly sensitive nature of these issues.”

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