Tensions flared between worshippers and the media. (Mark Stewart)

Ultra-Orthodox worshippers fined for breaching Covid restrictions at Ripponlea synagogue

Victoria’s top cop has warned members of an ultra-Orthodox group who attended an illegal gathering they are honing in on those involved.

POLICE are investigating whether anyone was responsible for inciting an illegal religious gathering held to mark Jewish new year.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said the investigation into the illegal Ripponlea synagogue gathering on Tuesday was ongoing.

“We seized CCTV footage and documents to continue our investigation to determine whether anyone should be held accountable for inciting that conduct as well as the attendants,” Mr Patton said on ABC Radio.

“The investigation is very much ongoing. It is certainly not something we are not letting go.

“We have continually held people to account where they have held gatherings, religious or otherwise, and we will continue to do so.”

In Victoria incitement is an indictable offence which carries a $20,000 penalty.

Mr Patton said he urged anyone who attended to hand themselves in.

He said police were working with the DHHS in trying to get those who attended to get tested for the virus.

Police say a second group of people attempted to cause chaos and help ultra-Orthodox worshippers escape from authorities at an illegal synagogue gathering in Ripponlea.

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