How Israel can be discussed in the media without fear or favor

This book is a story of why many Australian editors and journalists are afraid to upset these people, and therefore, in my view, self-censorship. It’s a story of how the Israeli-Palestinian issue is a single issue that the media does not cover with rigor that covers all other issues. And most importantly, it’s about how the Australian people are changing in the short term — denying credible facts about one of the most important conflicts of our time.

Materials that Robbie opposes publishing in Australia are published regularly in Israel.

Depriving Australians of objective information about Israel and its west coast occupation, regardless of the problem, or whether Australia will continue to support Israel’s 54-year occupation, as a citizen, Australia It means that you cannot evaluate or question voting for Israel at the United Nations. Our values ​​and interests.

Israeli coverage by Schwartz media confirmed that a social media campaign had begun against it. Morrie Schwartz believes it is motivated by anti-Semitism.

Some media outlets believe that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has received too much attention. Schwartz Media is the most notable of these. Founded by Melbourne-based real estate developer Morrie Schwartz, the group Saturday papermonthlyQuarterly essay, With Black Inc books Australian Foreign Affairs..

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