A look inside the terrifying rise of neo-Nazi activity in Australia

A major new documentary takes a look into the terrifying rise of neo-Nazi activity in Australia.

Award-winning journalist Nick McKenzie leads the investigation, which follows an undercover man who infiltrates Australia’s largest far-right group — the National Socialist Network.

Inside he finds members of outlaw bikie gangs, security guards and workers from a government agency.

Mr McKenzie says some are “nutters in a garage”, but some members of the group are incredibly dangerous.

“There are some in that group who absolutely are zealots, extremists who fantasise about violence, who talk about violence, who look at the Christchurch massacre as a good thing,” he told Dee Dee.

Mr McKenzie says the far-right group is selective about who they target as new recruits.

“These guys prey on disaffected people … who have the skills they want,” he said.

“What are they looking for? They’re looking for survivalist skills, they’re looking for gun skills. So people who’ve been booted out of the defence force, often for disciplinary reasons, are a key recruiting target.”

Listen to the report by Dee Dee Dunleavy on 3AW Radio.