Mali Elimelech, Ms Ben-David’s mother; Captain Shani Ben-David; Zim CEO Eli Glickman; and Zim COO David Arbel. (Zim)

Shani Ben-David becomes first female captain in Israeli Merchant Marine

Ms Ben-David said: “It’s with great pride and excitement that I take command of a ship. I chose a maritime career out of love for the sea and out of a desire to achieve a huge challenging goal in a professional field which is almost unknown to the general public. A career at sea is fascinating, challenging and rewarding. I look forward to going to sea for the first time as a captain.”

Ms Ben-David, 39, is a graduate of the Israeli Nautical College in Acre. She served in the Israeli navy and is a graduate of the Marine Institute in Acre. Ben-David holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Haifa.

Ms Ben-David joined Zim as a cadet in 2009, promoted to third officer in 2012, and she rose through the ranks to become chief officer in 2019. She qualified as a ship’s master in 2021. After fulfilling a required period, a committee headed by Zim COO David Arbel recommended her appointment to the position of captain.

Shani Ben-David will take command of the container ship Zim Shekou at the beginning of May this year.

Zim president and CEO Eli Glickman said the historic appointment of Ms Ben-David as the first female captain in the Zim fleet is exciting and inspiring.

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