Mr Brooks was arrested during last April’s police raids. (NCA NewsWire/Brenton Edwards)

Reece Brooks sentenced for downloading Christchurch massacre video and manifesto

A father caught with the Christchurch massacre video said he joined a neo-Nazi group camp but left when they started shouting ‘white power’, a court heard.

A man caught with a live-stream video of the Christchurch massacre said he was put off by a neo-Nazi group when they started shouting “white power” during one of their camps, a court heard.

Reece Keven Brooks, 31, avoided jail in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Tuesday after his curiosity got the better of him and he downloaded the violent material.

The court heard police started investigating South Australians suspected of being a part of the National Socialist Network, which is a nationalist and racist violent extremist group.

Police raided ten residences in April 2021 as a result.

“There was a suspicion that certain members of the group in South Australia were in possession of extremist material,” Chief Magistrate Mary-Louise Hribal said during sentencing.

Police found a USB containing a live streaming video of the Christchurch massacre and the manifesto of mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant, who sought to justify his attack.

They also found a pair of knuckle dusters in the main bedroom.

The Modbury North man pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing extremist material and one count of possessing a prohibited weapon.

Allegations that Brooks had also possessed material necessary for a terrorist act were not pursued.

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