SEN just interviewed Marika Sosnowski, a self-styled Middle East analyst. She considers herself to be an educator, campaigner and advocate for greater understanding about this region. She has taught Middle East politics at university for a number of years and is particularly interested in the history and politics of the Levant region – Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. More recently,she has been involved with international development projects in Israel/Palestine, Syria and Afghanistan.

For a number of years she has been interested in facilitating public conversations and dialogue because I believe that access, education, ideas and stories create change. You can listen to some of her views in this audio clip from SEN radio 1116 where she talks about the Palestine marathon:

You can also hear Sosnowski speaking on 3RRR
Thanks to Michael for information about this one.

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  1. steven adams

    Her take on the Middle East should not be “her own”. It should be based on facts and evidence. Her recent talk on RRR was nothing short of shameful. It was bereft of facts regarding Israel, US and Saudi Arabia arming, supporting and training terrorists and renaming them “rebels”. She spouted the usual propaganda around Assad killing his own. Words such as Civil War and Regime and revolution ignored the fact Syria voted it’s own Government and Leader and has been on the receiving end of several disproved false flags…yet AGAIN perpetrated by the US and Allies and peddled by the likes of Marika Sosnowski. Corruption runs through the middle of academia.


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