EDITORIAL: A local council has made a shocking attack on freedom of religion.

This decision MUST be overturned by Anthony Roberts.

FREE (Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe) lodged a development application (DA) with Waverley Council last year. During the assessment process, FREE chose to take the decision making power out of the hands of Council and instead sought a ruling from the Land and Environment Court.

It was the Land and Environment Court’s decision to dismiss the appeal put forward by the applicant and refuse the development application.

Watch Paul Murray delivering a powerful indignation over the decision by Waverley Council to disallow an application for the Jews.


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  1. Joe Weinstein

    Paul Murray!

    Well said; my views precisely.
    The Council stated that they did not make the Court Decission and were innocent. The truth is that it was a nefarious plot by the Council which caused the OBSCENE L&E Court Order. The inclusion of the Security Measures were included on the Advice of the Council. Security measures are a Deterant to “Potential” Terrorists and not a Magnet.


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