He’s widely known as one of the most compassionate and forward thinking Judges ever to sit on the High Court. But as Michael Brull explains, former Justice Michael Kirby appears to have a blind spot when it comes to the law as it applies to Palestinians.

Former High Court of Australia Justice Michael Kirby gave an interview to the Australian Jewish News earlier this month (1 September 2017), where he singled out for praise two Israeli judges, Moshe Landau and Aharon Barak.

Kirby went on note that he was “very impressed by Israel, of course – by a country that has a rule of law principle in its constitution, that has liberal and forward-looking judges and upholds the principles that there are no black holes in the law. That is what Justice Barak constantly said, ‘No black holes. We don’t have areas where the writ of the courts doesn’t run to.’”


Read the full article by Michael Brull at New Matilda.

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