Labor MP Michael Danby is under pressure to resign ahead of the next election, but allies have downplayed suggestions he will be challenged for preselection in his seat of Melbourne Ports.

The news comes after revelations he charged taxpayers almost $15,000 for trips with his wife to Queensland added to negative stories which have emerged over the past year.

Sources have told The Australian Mr Danby is considering resigning at the next election after 20 years in parliament.

Some have said he may be pushed if he does not make the decision to quit of his own accord, but a factional ally said any challenge to his preselection was “inconceivable” in the event he decides to stay on.

“What’s more likely is that he’d retire. If he decided not to retire I can promise you one thing: no one would challenge him,” the source said, citing “80 per cent support” for Mr Danby in the local ALP branches.

Linfox executive Ari Suss has long been touted as a possible successor, but is understood to be reluctant to leave Linfox, particularly given the increasingly marginal status of Melbourne Ports.


Read the full article by Rachel Baxendale at The Australian (subscription only).

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