‘Shout out’ for Gaza civilians at Channon Market

Sunday’s Channon Market saw a ‘shout out’ in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza and a protest against the actions of the Israeli government and military who have killed over 30 unarmed civilians and injured over a thousand in the last 10 days.

The death toll includes three Palestinian journalists.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been protesting peacefully for the last two weeks as part of a campaign called The Great March of Return that will run until May 15. Their demand: to be allowed back to the ancestral homelands they were displaced from since the creation of Israel in 1948, a right enshrined in UN resolution 194 on Palestinian refugees’ right of return.

Addressing the Channon shout out, Gareth Smith from Byron Friends of Palestine said, ‘My eighth grandchild was born this morning. I am thankful my grand-daughter was not born in Palestine or Gaza. Currently there are 350 Palestinian children in Israeli jails and most have been tortured. Unlike Israeli children Palestinian kids, like teenager Ahed Tamimi, are charged under military law.’

‘According to the Defence of Children International one Palestinian child has been killed by an Israeli in uniform every three days for the past 18 years! Gaza is the world’s biggest prison with 2 million cramped into about 362 sq kms,’ he said.

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