Labor’s siren songs appeal to a few fans of Hitler etc

No dog-whistling to Nazis. Elias Vis­ontay, The Australian, October 17:

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s son Alex (said:) I think the Liberals need to have their act together … because frankly there are people in the Labor Party who are a bit nuts too. It’s just that they’re not dog-whistling to Nazis.

Palestinian fans of Hitler. Candice Malcolm, Toronto Sun, October 17:

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East staff members have been caught posting praise to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany … “Hitler our beloved,” wrote one UNRWA teacher with a glorified photo of the Nazi leader. “Hitler the great,” wrote another. A third UNRWA teacher posted a photo of Hitler with the quote: “I could have killed all the world’s Jews, but I left some so that the world would know why I killed them.” An UNRWA principal replied, “Should not have left any of them.”

Dog whistle? Former Labor foreign minister Bob Carr tweets, April 16:

I have proudly accepted an invitation to address an alternative function marking the 70th anniversary of Palestinian dispossession …

Carr’s co-star at that event, Ahmad al-Kandari on Al Jazeera TV, March 29, 2010:

We call upon the Arab rulers … to stop submitting (peace) initiatives … to support … Hamas, not (Mahmoud) Abbas, the traitor … We are the soldiers of Hamas, and jihad is our path — we will never recognise Israel … This is a message to the … murderous, treacherous, and occupying Zionists, … We have brought slaughter upon you, and we shall watch you dying.

Carr changes his mind and tweets later on April 16:

I withdraw from the advertised Palestinian function …

Dog-whistling? Caroline Marcus, The Daily Telegraph, July 3:

Former Labor foreign minister Bob Carr … (is warning) there will be a motion to recognise a Palestinian state at the party’s national conference in December … Visiting (Labor) Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog … (says) “That would be adverse to any peace process” … (Last week it was revealed that union funding had been) funnelled to a Palestinian aid organisation that employed a leader of a terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine … Labor MP Ged Kearney, then the vice-chairwoman of the charity Union Aid Abroad, declined to answer whether she was aware of Ahmed Abdullah al-Adine’s involvement … (and) whether he was a terrorist at the time.

Frank Chung,, July 18:

A senior union official has broken ranks … to speak out against an “anti-Semitic” push to condemn Israel for the “genocide” of Palestinians. The resolution (which calls) on a Labor government to immediately recognise a Palestinian state, was passed overwhelmingly by the Left Caucus at the ACTU Congress … “The Left in Australia has developed a very anti-Israel, anti-Semitic passion,” (the official) said … “they prefer to back a regime of murderous thugs. That’s what Hamas is, that’s what the Palestinian Authority is.” … Peter Wertheim … of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, said accusing Israel of genocide was an “outrageous lie … It is … Hamas, which has a charter pledging … to ‘obliterate’ Israel.”

More fans of Hitler in the Middle East The Algemeiner, March 25:

“Vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy texts” were available at the 2018 Riyadh International Book Fair … (including]) Mein Kampf.

[These letters appeared in The Australian.]