Brasília - O deputado Jair Bolsonaro durante o adiamento da votação de processo contra Jean Wyllys (Wilson Dias/Agência Brasil)

Brazil to Move Israel Embassy to Jerusalem

When US President Donald Trump boldly chose to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in May, Palestinians were unsurprisingly outraged. As were many leaders in Muslim nations.

The moral outrage echoed by the left-wing pollies and their media mouthpieces in the West was more surprising.

Negotiations towards lasting peace and a two state solution, one which would see Palestine recognised as sovereign state as it should be, have been stalled for decades. The conflict between the two neighbours is entering its fourth generation.

Clearly, the status quo will only deliver more of the same…endless conflict. High time then, to break clear of the status quo.

As Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm stated recently:

‘Israel’s capital is Jerusalem. Furthermore, moving it would be an acknowledgement that Israel controls Jerusalem, and acknowledging facts is an important prerequisite for successful negotiations.’

Read the article by Bernd Struben in The Australian Tribune.