‘Love in the face of evil gives others hope’: Jewish nurse shares a powerful message explaining why he treated the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect in the hospital

  • A Jewish nurse described treating the suspect who shouted anti-Semitic sentiments during a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in a lengthy Facebook post a week after the attack.
  • Ari Mahler, a registered nurse, wrote that the interaction made him determined to show “love in the face of evil” as he treated suspect Robert Bowers.
  • Mahler wrote that his post was prompted by the widespread media attention on the Jewish emergency responders after it was reported Bowers said he wanted “death to all Jews” as he was wheeled into the hospital.

After a gunman killed 11 and injured six others in an attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue, media attention quickly moved to the Jewish staff members at Allegheny General Hospital who treated the suspect.

Registered nurse Ari Mahler described treating Robert Bowers in a lengthy Facebook post on Saturday, in which he identified himself as “The Jewish Nurse” who was responding to the reports on him doing his job.

Mahler, the son of a rabbi who also described experiences with anti-Semitism as a child, wrote that Robert Bowers yelled “death to all Jews,” as he was wheeled into the hospital after being arrested as the suspect in a mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue.

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