Zionism triggered Israeli-Palestinian conflict: UOW professor

Dr Marcelo Svirsky will talk about the long-running Palestinian-Israeli conflict at the next Alternatives to ‘Western Civilisation’ seminar.

He will be one of the speakers at the Free Uni in the Pub series hosted by UOW staff and community members.

The second Wollongong seminar, held on the same dates as the Ramsay Centre speaker series in Sydney, will be at the Illawarra Brewery on Tuesday, June 18 from 6pm.

Dr Svirsky will speak as an Israeli Jew who is an expert on the Palestine-Israel conflict.

“We will be discussing the similarities in settler colonialism in Israel Palestine with the view on how western civilisation was part of that particular formation,” he said.

“It is not just going to be on one aspect of this conflict. We will try to look at the history of the conflict as well as the present and possible solutions to the conflict.”

Dr Svirsky said before Zionism came into Palestine in late 19th century Jews and Arabs were living together peacefully.

“Zionism as a western kind of nationalism was the trigger to a conflict that we are still experiencing,” he said.

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