Archbishop Auza calls for greater protection of Christians in Middle East


Moving specifically to the Palestinian Question, the Holy See’s Permanent Observer recalled the three-year anniversary of Security Council Resolution 2334. “There is indeed cause for great concern as the situation on the ground worsens,” he said.

“Harmful rhetoric, threats, terrorism and violence, including at times disproportionate use of force on the part of the security forces, exacerbate the strained situation even further,” continued Archbishop Auza.

He went on to address the issue of Christian communities feeling “constrained to abandon these lands, the very cradle of their faith, in search of peace and security for themselves and for their children.”

Their presence and witness in these places is of fundamental importance, he added, calling for more to be done to ensure their protection, “not only for their survival but also for them, like all citizens living in Israel and Palestine, to realise their full potential and integral human development.”

Read the article in Catholic Outlook (from Vatican News).