GSSC students to learn about the Holocaust in greater detail from this year

Greater Shepparton Secondary College students in Years 9 and 10 will learn about the Holocaust in finer detail from this year, in a new Victorian Government initiative that will ensure teaching of the historical event is standard across all state schools.

Greater Shepparton Secondary College associate principal of teaching and learning Megan Michalaidis said while the Holocaust was already in the curriculum, the “refreshed” learning resources would complement current teaching.

“We will be looking at how these new resources can best be incorporated into our classrooms,” she said.

Mrs Michalaidis said the school welcomed any opportunity to address broader issues of racism and prejudice.

Shepparton Interfaith Network secretary Chris Parnell said it was important students were taught about the Holocaust to show them racial or religious groups should not be targeted in war or conflict.

Education Minister James Merlino said it was concerning that most children did not know about the Holocaust, amid rising antisemitism across the globe.

“It is vital that each generation understands the horror of the Holocaust to ensure it can never be repeated and to educate the community on the damage caused by antisemitism, racism and prejudice,” he said.

Read the article by Madi Chwasta in the Shepparton News.