Tribal identity politics undermines our bedrock values

Scott Morrison rightfully espouses that “human dignity” constitutes the most inviolable tenet of the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

But to attack so-called “identity politics” (“Don’t give in to identity politics, Scott Morrison urges”, 30/4) as somehow abrogating the necessity to view “people as individuals with agency and responsibility”, Morrison completely mischaracterises the linkage been social justice and the protection of individual liberties.

As Christianity’s shameful history of anti-Semitism amply testifies, never again must we create a false dichotomy between upholding the preservation of individual human dignity and eliminating the moral scourge of racial injustice and inequality. To do so violates not only democratic principles, but our entire Judaeo-Christian tradition.

Vincent Zankin, former ADF chaplain, Rivett, ACT

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