Co-founder and Director of The ORAH Fund, Carole Pillemer and Chana Kavka of Friendship Bakery where $25,000 was recently donated towards the bakery oven and equipment.

Orah fund: Pengana Capital Carole and Russell Pillemer Jewish charity investment fund

It’s the secret eastern suburbs investment fund that’s lining the pockets of all the right people. Find out how you can buy in.

It’s the fund managed by the biggest names in the eastern suburbs which was only invested in by their inner circle – until now.

Orah Fund was established four years ago by Carole and Russell Pillemer of Pengana Capital, which was co-founded with Malcolm Turnbull.

Now, it is a fund with a difference too – with managers generating charitable donations approaching $1.7 million through their activities.

The Orah Fund is unique because investors do not actually make the donations, nor are investment returns affected by the donations made by the ORAH Fund.

Donations are instead generated by the underlying fund managers who manage the portfolio and essentially donate their fees to the charity pool.

“From funding children from third world countries to get lifesaving surgery, to helping Friendship Circle Bakery become a reality in Sydney, it is clear that with the support of the community, we can make a positive and material change for those in need,” Ms Pillemer said.

Orah is a fund of funds and the managers, who usually compete with one another to secure investors, are among the most sought after in the industry.

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