Police take details from people outside the synagogue on Tuesday night. (Eddie Jim)

Jewish community faces ‘wave of hatred’ after illegal gatherings

Readers are advised that some of the content of this story could offend. It features extremely strong language and racism.

Melbourne’s Jewish community has been subjected to a wave of anti-Semitic abuse via social media, graffiti attacks and verbal threats following recent breaches of public health orders by a small number of ultra-Orthodox worshippers.

Neo-Nazi groups and other far-right groups have seized on publicity surrounding the illegal gatherings to vilify the broader community, often invoking Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust in their attacks.

The abuse followed an illegal engagement party in Caulfield North in August attended by about 70 Orthodox Jews, and a large gathering of ultra-Orthodox worshippers in Ripponlea last week to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

A Caulfield synagogue and a prominent Jewish organisation, which both asked not to be identified because of concerns about further abuse, recently received several threats from unidentified callers.

“All you Jewish are pieces of shit. How f—ing dare you guys have a party, an engagement, when the rest of Victoria are locked down? You f—ing imbeciles. Yous are a germ. Yous are a f—ing germ. I hope you all f—ing die,” said an anonymous caller in a message left on the synagogue’s voicemail.

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