‘Attack on Titan’ has, in the past, been co-opted by alt-right groups on forums like 4chan to push white supremacist messages. (Screengrab/Mappa)

The anime clip that GOP Rep. Paul Gosar edited to show himself slaying AOC has even darker undertones than you may have thought

  • There are dark fascist undertones in the violent anime clip that Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted this week.
  • The anime was previously co-opted by alt-right factions due to its allusions to Nazism and the Holocaust.
  • The “titans” are transformed from an oppressed race of humans living in concentration camp-like environments.

While the furor over Rep. Paul Gosar tweeting a violent anime clip of himself slaying New York lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Joe Biden continues to rage, many people are missing the fascist subtext of the clip Gosar posted.

Written as a cautionary tale about the ills of war, “Attack on Titan” was first released in manga form in 2009. Its premise involves a teenager, Eren Yeager, who joins a division of the military called the Survey Corps. Venturing beyond concentric walls within which they believe themselves to be imprisoned, Yeager and the Survey Corps slay titans – monstrous beings that eat humans.

The anime’s dark undertones of Nazism and allusions to the Holocaust become apparent in later arcs when it’s revealed that the subhuman “mindless titans” – the monsters on which AOC’s and Biden’s faces were superimposed – were originally humans, too.

These humans were a race called Eldians that lived in a concentration-camp-style ghetto and were forced to wear armbands that closely resemble those that Jewish people were forced to wear during the Holocaust. The Eldians abided by strict laws imposed by a military government that executed them for petty crimes like venturing outside their encampment.

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